Vizion4 AUDITTM software is an easy to use 70 question self-assessment tool based on the "shall statements" of the ISO 55001 standard. You can log on using any web enabled device and complete an assessment that is rated on a six level scale; from non existent, to satisfactory to excellent.

Vizion4 AUDITTM software can be used by individuals or groups of assessors. It is arranged within the seven topics of the ISO 55001 standard. The results of Groups can be aggregated and analysed across a variety of levels ranging from an entire Corporation through Business Units and Sites.

Sequential assessments can be trended at question or topic level to manage improvement activity at all levels from group to corporate, and viewed using the reports function.


Vizion4 TRACKERTM software is accessed directly via a link within Vizion4 AUDITTM. This module is designed specifically to assist organisations with managing and coordinating all aspects of their improvement program to achieve ISO 5500x compliance.

Vizion4 TRACKERTM integrates seamlessly with Vizion4 AUDITTM to analyse business processes, produce recommendations, have those recommendations assessed, costed, approved, implemented, audited and closed.

Vizion4 TRACKERTM comes with a powerful and intuitive system of KPI drill down dashboards and reports that function at all levels from Corporate to small groups of employees.

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REplace spreadsheets

Replace Excel spreadsheets which are inefficient, time consuming, cumbersome to manage and control.


Vizion4 AUDITTM & TRACKERTM integrate seamlessly linking audit gaps to improvement initiatives and vice versa. 

DATa security

All information relating to ISO 55001 compliance is held securely. Your data is held securely for your use only and will not be used or released without your permission.


Vizion4 AUDITTM and TRACKERTM are scalable from individual user through to site, business unit and Corporation. 


Ability to generate a variety of reports and dashboards for all aspects of your organization's current ISO 55000 compliance status and improvement activities. 

with detailed notes

Vizion4 AUDITTM  incorporates the AM Council's Companion Guide, compiled by authors of the ISO 55000 to guide you through the standard. 

who is vizion4 Global

Vizion4 Global is an Australian based company that has created the Vizion4 AUDITTM tool and Vizion4 TRACKERTM improvement tracking software. These will support any organisation’s improvement programs directed at achieving ISO 55000 accreditation, and ultimately achieving its desired state with respect to Asset Management.
Vizion4 Global Pty Ltd provides tools and systems to be used to establish a level of competence against the ISO 55000 standard, and then to assist with the development and tracking of improvement activities over time using a series of assessments and activity tracking services. Vizion4 does not provide accreditation or improvement services.