At Vizion4 Global we know that there are many other ISO, AS and industry benchmarking standards around. If your organisation uses one of these, you might like to take advantage of our customisation service.

We also know that many corporations and associations have their own benchmarking or policies that can be assessed in a similar way to the standards.

We offer customisation of our self-assessment Audit tool for almost any questionnaire that you may be using or need to use. Since each customisation is different, you should talk to us about your needs and how we can accommodate them.

Your customised Audit tool will, of course, link in with Vizion4 TrackerTM.

The great advantage of Vizion4 AuditTM is that it integrates seamlessly with Vizion4 TrackerTM, allowing you to link audit gaps to improvement initiatives and vice versa. Your customised self-assessment tool retains this powerful functionality.

And we can also rebrand your customised Tracker with your Company logo and colours to provide a total corporate feel. Your people will feel ownership of their improvement program right from the start.

We know that your business is different from the one next door. Vizion4 Global provides flexibility so that you can tailor your software and reap the rewards of customisation, without the expensive headaches.

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